Magic Requiem is a free game that you can play, you can fight others with your magic/physical, explore the world, talk with NPCs, and more to be seen! What are you waiting for? Don't be so shy!

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Combat Ability Edit

Combat Abilities are a type of fighting style that can be used to fight each other to get karmas.

Magic is a type of combat ability that requires the user to use his/her spirit rather than his/her physical body, a magic spell requires mana so it can be used.

Physical is a type of combat ability that can temporarily enhance the user's physical body rather than his/her spirit. An example is Power, an upcoming physical that enhances the user's arms to create a powerful punch. A spell of a physical requires stamina.

Magic and Physicals are basically the same when it comes to spell types.


A famous team, which is the Requiem Team, is a powerful group in the whole world. However, something is wrong. A powerful calamity is about to take the whole world. They have to stop it.

Questions & Answers Edit

What are those cores I randomly see? Edit

Cores are where magics are contained. By picking it up, you get the magic that core contains.

What are those strange dummies doing some spells? Edit

Those are a bunch of messes for future magics that Saber and I made, later in Beta, we are going to export these models in a secret place.

What is the reason Magic Requiem is made for? Edit

Like other magic games, fighting, entertainment. I usually like to play known magic games, so I decided to make one. Magic Requiem was my idea.

Why Requiem? Edit

Requiem has two meanings, based on music or a mass of a dead person. Both of the meanings make sense because most requiems make music while attacking the players until death.

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